2020 is almost over and majority of this year has been eaten up by COVID19. Nothing about this year has been quite like usual, but, we made it to November! We’ve learned how to live everyday life with a mask on our face, Zoom has essentially become a normal medium of seeing loved ones, and reasons why you’re deciding to homeschool your child makes complete sense.

An update on us… We now call NYC home. Our oldest 2 are in school for the time being and we’re waiting for what winter will bring in terms of the impeding COVID cases increasing in the city. Our baby is 20 months old and still enjoys our snuggles. Micah’s working – from home – and traveling for work is nowhere in sight. We celebrated all three of the kids’ birthdays COVID-style… full days of celebrating who they are, enjoying all the things they enjoy, and Zooming with friends & family.

Sadly, many of our friends in the city lost loved ones during the pandemic. A few close family members got the virus and made it through with little to no side effects. The presidential elections came and went. It’s been a crazy, challenging year of navigating the unknown and letting go of control. None of us have lived through a global pandemic and the inability to plan has been one of the hardest things for me. There have been many difficult days when our patience ran thin and we navigated living in an apartment with 3 small kids. But, in the midst of many bad days, there were quite a few good days, where we embraced the unknown, hugged each other a bit tighter, and counted our blessings.

Since 2020 is quickly coming to an end, I want to take the opportunity to capture not only the ugly of this year but also a sliver of beauty. Seeing my kids grow and carve out space in this world is beautiful to me. They’re completely different than the babies I held just a few years ago, wondering what was going on in their heads. Now, I no longer have to wonder! lol! We’ve made it this far by faith and faith alone. Marriage, kids, multiple moves in the city, navigating schools, and everything in-between, we still find ourselves saying YES every day. Begrudgingly at times, but still YES.

A huge shoutout goes out to our dear friend who captured our family photos this year. JR Lees, you are a true gem. She made the shoot light and fun despite it being a bit chilly out! The night before the shoot, I nearly had a panic attack because I couldn’t figure out clothes for all of us to wear and this sweet friend encouraged me to have a chill shoot. So so glad I didn’t cancel! In hindsight, I think living through a pandemic has caused many of us who use to figure it out to second guess ourselves. Well, that’s just a little bit of what it’s done to me. You can catch the full spread of our photos on Pinterest. With that said, 2020, you can kick rocks!!



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