Moms Who Brunch… how it all started!

A little under 2 years ago my husband and I moved to Seattle for an amazing job opportunity from Houston, TX. We’d been married for 6 years and have moved a number of times around the US for work. So we were excited to see what the pacific northwest had to offer. Upon arriving to rainy Seattle as a stay at home mom with a 2 and 4 year old at tow, I quickly started trying to connect with local moms. I had it down to a science; hit up libraries, mom workout classes, sports teams, and church! Little did I know Seattle was different… After trying really hard to find genuine mom friends I soon realized that it was a bit harder than I thought to get “plugged in” with local moms… Listen, I’ve never had this issue before moving to Seattle.

As I slowly started meeting people that I could connect with, I started sharing my frustration and learned the problem wasn’t me! phew! My new found friends shared with me something called The Seattle Freeze. I was like what in the world is that and what does it have to do with making genuine friends!? Seattle freeze is pretty much an idea that people in Seattle are standoffish, not looking to make friends, and pretty much keep to themselves! Listen, there’s even a wiki page about it!

Once I heard this silly term was actually a reality, I said to myself, “not while I’m here”! Being a mom, a woman of color, and a christian I knew having people around me that were likeminded and able to connect with at a moments notice was essential. I’ve had some amazing experiences and have gotten through some really hard times because of the support I got from my mom friends.

Now, how Moms Who Brunch actually started was kind of by accident! I was part of a moms christian group that met weekly over breakfast. We would pray, share stories, and do fun things together for a couple of hours while a sitter watched our kids. One day, I thought it would be cool to do a girls night. So I posted on our private Facebook group that I’d love to have a girls night in a few days. I thought at least 3-4 moms would show up, which would be a great turn out!  Mind you, I’d probably was part of this group for about a month before trying to get some moms to join me for a kidless night out. As the day approached the number of women that were interested kept increasing. We ended up having 16 moms come out! Yes, 16! I was blown away.

During that time, I facilitated the conversation in a way that everyone at the table felt included. We laughed, ate, drank, and talked about everything! From hair, to books, to tips on parenting, you name it, we talked about it. The restaurant pretty much had to kick us out cuz they wanted to go home! At the end of that night, so many women came up to me to thank me for putting this together. And mentioned that people in Seattle didn’t do this sort of thing and when would the next one be! I was very surprised because the other cities I lived in, this happened all the time!

I walked away so full experiencing women getting a chance to live their best life with women who wanted to connect! I wanted all 16 of those women to be my new BFF’s but knew that wouldn’t be possible because of life, so that’s when I thought of the idea of Moms Who Brunch!

Moms who Brunch is a gathering to bring moms together to empower them in their faith walk. We meet periodically and during the time we have mom speakers, vendors, and so much more to fill our mamas hearts so they’re better prepared to rock mom-life. This has totally been an extension of my passion of seeing moms not only survive but, thrive!

Hope to see you at our next brunch! Be sure to subscribe or check out our website at to see when we’ll be coming to a city near you!



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