Our Intentional Morning Routine

Just recently I’ve felt compelled to add structure to our home life and to be more intentional with our mornings. I’ve heard many moms have a morning routine but I never picked up the habit. My oldest will be 4 next month and he’s showing signs that he wants more responsibility in his life and around the house. So instead of winging it every morning, I’ve put in place a few things that’ll hopefully make our mornings more intentional.


Our mornings typically goes something like this: Zeke wakes up super early (6:30ish) and comes into our room. I’d still be asleep and he’d ask for food. I’d respond, “it’s too early, let’s go back to sleep”. He’d reluctantly say no and be frustrated with me while I try to go back to sleep or cuddle with him. Ava would eventually wake up and I’d tiredly go downstairs and fix them a quick breakfast.

There were quite a few problems with our mornings:

  1. Zeke would get out of bed too early
  2. I was always caught off guard
  3. There was no motivation to get the day started
  4. There was a negative vibe (mainly from me because I’m not a morning person)
  5. Zeke didn’t know what to do besides eat breakfast. That was his plan.

A morning like that was just draining! I wanted to start our day on a positive note. Obviously, a few things had to change. In putting the plan together I focused on how I wished our mornings could be and what I could do to make that happen. First, I bought Zeke an alarm clock. One made for preschoolers to help him learn how to tell time and let him know when it was ok to get out of bed. I decided on this one. I set it to 7:15am and told him he could only get up if he needed to go potty. Then I did some research online to see what other moms were doing and here is the routine I came up with:

  • Pray – each of us takes a turn praying. This gives us the opportunity to thank the Lord for all that He’s blessed us with and ask Him to help us throughout the day. This also teaches the kids to seek Him first before the day gets started.
  • Stretch – we stand and sit on the floor in my bedroom while we do various stretches. This gets our blood flowing and wakes up our bodies. Honestly, it’s mainly for me but the kids love guiding their bodies to complete different stretches.
  • Brush teeth & Get dressed – this gets us ready to head out if we decide to go out. Zeke goes to preschool twice a week but the other days we should all be ready to take on the day.
  • Breakfast – now we’re more awake and ready to have a filling breakfast rather a quick and easy one.
  • Morning basket – basket full of purposeful books and activities. This is a basket idea that I found online that many homeschool moms use. I’ll write up a blog post detailing it soon!

So far, this routine has been working pretty well. Praise the Lord! It’s taken them about a week to get use to waiting for the alarm to go off. Ava goes rogue sometimes, but that’s ok since this is mainly for Zeke. Its given me the opportunity to get more sleep and not have to think about what to do every morning. Rarely the kids will sleep in and I’ll have to sneak in so the alarm clock doesn’t wake them up. One day I’d like to incorporate making the bed, but we’re just not there yet. I can honestly say we have a more fulfilling morning where we can seek the Lord and prepare for whatever the day has in store.


To intentional mornings!


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