3 Day Potty Training

My daughter is 26 mths old (a little over two, for you non-parents) and she was potty trained in 3 days! It was the most draining 3 days of my life but so worth it! A friend of mine found this ebook called ‘3 day potty training’ by Lora Jensen years ago. She tried it on her son and it worked like a charm! So I tried it with my son when he was two and half and it took him two days to get the concept down. I’m so thankful for this book and highly recommend it to all parents. It’s only available on ebook and can be purchased here.

img_2421Here’s a few videos I shared on Instagram during the 3 days of training.

If you’re willing to try this feel free to contact me with further questions!

A diaper free home has been liberating!

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