When dating your spouse is… boring

I’m sure all married folks have heard that you should date your spouse…but what if actually going on a date with your spouse is boring?… Well, that exact thing happened to us. Going out on a date was more work than fun. The counsel we received advised us to make time to go out on dates. So we got a babysitter and hit the town! Sounds easy enough, right? But when we actually ventured out we found ourselves kinda bored… and heading home early. Our default date was dinner, a movie and maybe a stroll in the park or nearby attraction.

We came to terms with our dates being boring and wondered why this was happening! It seemed like our interests weren’t the same anymore, and we thought that we may have just grown apart. Couldn’t figure it out until we spoke to our counselors. They brought it back to when we first started dating. One thing that attracted us to each other was how much fun we had. When we spent time together we were always doing something, never just sitting and talking. Either we were hanging with friends, bowling, snowboarding, or doing ministry activities. At the time when our dates weren’t so hot, we already did a lot of texting in the daytime and talking in the evenings, so looking back, it seems obvious that scheduling more time to go out and talk wasn’t necessary.

So we decided to change our dating strategy! Our first “active” date was going to the gun-range! Neither of us had been and we were both excited to experience it together. We had a total blast (no pun intended ;-))! We laughed, we joked, and we helped each other. It reminded us of the fun times we had before the kids. Some other fun dates that we’ve gone on include Knicks games, Yankee games, the Houston rodeo, Painting With a Twist, and we even took a quick trip to Mexico!

Still on our bucket list: cooking class, iFLY (indoor sky diving), race-car driving, Lucky Strike bowling, and anything else we find in our new city.

Now don’t get me wrong, we still do the occasional dinner and a movie, but we get really excited when we have an adventurous date planned.

At the end of the day, if dating your spouse is getting a little dry, think back to what initially attracted you to each other. As we all get older and responsibilities increase, (especially if you have kids), we often-times forget to have fun!

some pics of when it all first started

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