pursuing a dream…

about 6 months ago i expressed to my hubby that i’d like to look into pursuing my dream of becoming an actress. he gave me the best advice i could ask for: pray about it! (love him) so i did and i patiently waited on the Lord. four months later i received a random email about an all day workshop on a saturday in houston featuring three acting coaches that focused on three different areas of acting: tv/film, improv, and commercial/cold reading. i thought this would be a good opportunity to get some training without investing too much time in a recurring acting class, given my kiddos are still very young and need me during the week. so i signed up! a week or so before the class they notified the attendees that at the end of the workshop the actors would get a chance to perform a monologue in front of a panel of some of houston’s top agents, casting directors, and producers! crazy! what are the chances!? anyway the day came and i was all nerves. the best advice i received was to be myself and give it all i had. so i did… and… i got stellar reviews! all the coaches couldn’t believe i’d never acted before and said i was a natural. talk about a confidence booster! i got to meet some really cool actors and learned a ton from people who’ve been in the industry for years. here are a few flicks from the day:

meeting the panel

IMG_3153monologue performanceIMG_3140

with panelist, actors and coaches!!IMG_3154

since then, i’ve been submitting to local acting jobs as i see fit. i’ve gotten three call backs and even landed my first role as a supporting actress for a web series/tv show!! eek!! none of this would have been possible without the Lord. He hears our prayers and knows our desires. so why not give us what we want when we ask for it if it lines up with His will? each step of the way i’ve been giving it all to Him. i’m so thankful because i realize it’s not my talents thats gotten me to this point, it’s because He’s decided to bless me.


You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures James 4:3

my goal is not to be rich and famous or for the world to know me. my goal is for the Lord to use something that i enjoy for His glory. that can be done many ways and i can’t wait to see what He has in store!!

oh how can i forget!! here is my awesome headshot that was shot by my friend chris from diliberto photography!

Gyna Uhrlass - Headshot

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