is it ever to late to share Christmas pics?

maybe… but i’m still going to do it anyway. 🙂 january has been rough. dealt with every member in the family, mainly zeke, having sicknesses that ranged from ear infections, bronchitis, stomach viruses and the flu! Thank God the month is just about over and we’re all doing much better. so where did i leave off!? ah, Christmas!!! here are some captured moments with family and friends during this past holiday. sadly we didn’t get to see everyone that we wanted but are grateful for who we did get to see and spend time with.

IMG_2631 IMG_2649 IMG_2667 IMG_2673 IMG_2687 IMG_2705 IMG_2708 IMG_2721 IMG_2731 IMG_2734 IMG_2741 IMG_2764 IMG_2770 IMG_2775 IMG_2780 IMG_2785 IMG_2800  IMG_2810 IMG_2828 IMG_2827

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