last minute Christmas shoot on a budget

a few weeks ago my in-laws requested a picture of zeke and ava for their christmas card. since most of the pictures i have of them are in their pj’s playing around the house, i thought i’d have some fun with these. the results came out pretty awesome and didn’t cost a thing!

the photos were taken with my iPhone 5s in our backyard about an hour before sunset on a cloudy day. i used the pillows from our living room and some current Christmas decorations.

first scene: tried to keep things classy with zeke in a cardigan vest and ava in a Christmasy outfit. i didn’t love the results and they never really got into it. i think this scene didn’t work well because of the color combinations between the outfits and scene set up. also there were no props.



second scene:  took the unconventional route with the outfits and stayed away from red. both kiddos have varies shades of blue, white and cream on, with the exception of ava’s pink flower on her hat. i used red shatterproof christmas ornaments as a prop and allowed zeke to play with them. they were a hit and really made this scene come together!

looking back, the first scene didn’t look as good as the second because they were bored! they looked forced and unnatural… i’ve learned the best shots are captured when they’re doing what kids do best: having fun!

make it fun
lighting is everything (sunrise and sunset work best)
think outside the box and use things around the house
use a fun prop that adds a pop of color
prop must be safe to play with
kids should be well rested and fed just prior to shoot

happy shooting!!

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