completed: week one of homeschooling a toddler

yesterday marked the completion of week one of homeschooling a 20mth old toddler. in the beginning of the week he could not identify a circle nor the color red. by the end of the week we did a shape and color walk around the house and with a little assistance from me he pointed out all the circles and red objects he could find!

i’ve been a stay at home mom since zeke was born and early on i’ve always lingered with the idea of homeschooling. he currently attends mothers day out twice a week which he loves. since the program started i’ve struggled with how to keep him busy the other 3 days of the week. a little over a month ago, heather lindsey, founder of pinky promise, posted on instagram that she had begun homeschooling her son using abc Jesus loves me. her son and my son are about the same age so it sparked my interest. i checked it out and it seemed pretty straight forward, low pressure, and low cost unlike many other curriculums i’ve looked into. the main reason i decided to go with this curriculum is because it incorporated teaching the bible, academic and developmental tasks in one. for example this week the main focus was creation, the color red, circle, and sitting still. we worked on memorizing genesis 1:1, coloring creation work sheets, and talking about what God created. we also practiced sitting still for small periods of time progressively increasing the duration.

i found that having school with him right after breakfast worked best. by the time we finished the lesson and watched a few circle or red programs on tv it would be time for his nap. so far he really enjoys it and i love watching my little guy learn!




3 thoughts on “completed: week one of homeschooling a toddler

  1. Meek says:

    This is just wonderful. There is nothing like the peace and comfort God gives when knowing that your child is getting quality education! What a blessing to extend knowledge of God’s word and academics to your son. May many blessings come from this job you have taken on. Prayers for strength, wisdom, and patience the whole way through. Thank goodness your husband pushed and encouraged God’s plan for you through. A blog with substance! Thanks.


    Tamika Jackson-Meek ; )

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  2. gyna says:

    thanks guys! Tamika, thank you for your prayers. your comment is just further confirmation for me of why I started this. love you sis!


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